Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

What a great topic to be talking about in the month of April when Easter is just around the corner.
The eagles have now made all the new additions to the nest and the next step is going to be getting those eggs in the nest.  After successful breeding takes place the eggs will appear within about five to ten days.  Females will lay an average of two eggs but can lay up to three or four.  The eggs will not be laid all at the same time; there will be a couple days in between each egg being laid.
Once the eggs have been laid the parents will immediately start incubating them.  Both the male and female will sit on the eggs.  This will be done for a total of about 35 days.  After the 35 days the eggs will start to hatch and than the real fun begins for the parents.
Depending on the region will depend on the time of year the eggs are laid.  Birds from the southern part of the United States already have young that are or close to being full grown and fledging at this time.  Way in the northern extremes of the United States eggs may not have even been laid yet.  In the Midwest eagles will start laying eggs from late February through March, but this is all very weather dependant.
Stayed tuned for the next topic…

Bridget Befort
National Eagle Center
Program Specialist