Was' aka, Bald Eagle Ambassador to be on KARE 11 March 31 2012

We plan on another blog posting this weekend, but right now I wanted to let you know about an eagle appearance on KARE 11.  On Saturday March 31 2012 during the 9:00 am news hour Was' aka from the National Eagle Center will be appearing. Was' aka will be bringing along Scott Mehus to appear with Ron Schara to talk about eagles and the web cam.  Thanks to Ron for inviting us! So be sure to tune in!

Was' aka is the National Eagle Center's first male Bald Eagle.  He was found as a fledgling in Jacksonville Florida.  He had a tumor on his left eyelid that has since been removed. He is now blind in his left eye.

Although originally called "Ari," the name Was' aka was chosen by visitors at Civic Fest in St. Paul.  Was' aka means "strength" in Dakota. Other choices were Frankie, North Star and Apollo.  Although I liked the name Frankie, because I thought it  would be a way of getting back at Benjamin Franklin for not wanting the Bald Eagle as our National Emblem, I also am always in awe of the strength of the talons, so this was a fitting name for an eagle.