Eaglet has died from fall

We webcam watchers have unfortunately learned what growing up can be like for an eaglet.  The eaglet that wandered too close to the edge of the nest and fell, did not survive the fall.

It would be very easy to just sit back and let nature take its course, whatever happens, happens, but that is not what was done. Because so many people care about this pair of eagles, we went to see if we could help this baby eaglet. Surviving a 70 foot fall for such a small creature would be very difficult.

 It was.

 If the eaglet was still alive it would have been taken immediately to The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. There they would have done what they could for this creature. We are lucky to live so close to this World Class Raptor facility, they would have known exactly what to do. This was not to be.

We are watching what happens all the time in Nature. 

Some good,

Some bad,

Some ugly,

Some beautiful,

Some disturbing,

Some awe inspiring,

Some sad,

All of it is Nature.

 Nature happens all around us all the time, many of us are too busy to stop and notice. Thankfully though, through this web cam, we get to learn a little more about the lives of our National Emblem the Bald Eagle, and,this includes whatever happens to it, in its natural habitat, Nature.

We will discuss in a future blog topic, some of the other hazzards eaglets and eagles can face. What and when we can help, and when and where we may not be able to.  We will also discuss issues that are affecting eagles that we can put our time and emotion into, to help all eagles, and Nature.