Nest Update March 13, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 4

Good Evening, Fellow HatchWatchers!

The day started clear and cold at the nest today. Mom was seen early morning with frost on her feathers. Dad had a pretty good day controlling his Obsessive Stick Disorder. He only played around with ones already in the nest. Mom was very happy about that. Our 2 eggs looked wonderful sitting side by side in the nest. Mom and Dad changed places several times today to keep them nice and warm. Dad had to warn the squirrels again today that he was there and waiting for them! All in all a great day on the nest!

Early in the afternoon we came up with a couple of new words to use in SS. The first was schmutz for the stuff that clings to the eggs from the nest grime. The 2nd was a new portmanteau from all the things that we eagle watchers have been called. Eaglefanamaniaholics. I really don’t care what I am called as long as it is not late for lunch and I get to watch the eagles!

Mich989Razzle made us some more great videos today!

And made some great stills!

First a pic comparing Mom and Dad on the nest.

Compare MandD.jpg

Mom greets the morning.

MNBound Eagles Morning Greetings & Dad with 2 Eggs

Closeups of frost on Mom’s feathers

mom frost.jpg
mom frost2.jpg

Dad lets the squirrel know who’s boss!

MNBound Eagles Dad Covers Nest with Wings Watches Squirrel

Dad gives the squirrel a 2nd warning more forceful this time.

MNBound Eagles Dad Gives Squirrel Oral Warning 

And finally a nice close up of the 2 eggs.

MNBound Eagles Close Look at 2 Beautiful Eggs

Mom and Dad had a wonderful mid-winter Minnesota day on the nest. Here’s hoping they have another one tomorrow. 

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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