Nest Update March 15, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 6

Good Evening, Fellow HatchWatchers!

A quiet day on the nest today!

That gives me a chance to talk about something that is very important to all of us here at the MN Bound nest. We all want to protect this nest. A lot of the chatters and all of the mods know where this nest is. The events of last year let a lot of people have a look close up at where this nest is. It has been decided this year not to discuss where this nest is on the cam site to help keep people away. There have been incidents at other nests where people have tried to molest the nests and cams. This nest is on private property and we also do not want trespassers on the land it sits on. So, any reference that localizes where the nest location is, other than Central Minnesota, in the Social Stream or chat when it is open will be deleted. If the chatter persists they will be BANNED. No exceptions. We want this cam to be enjoyed by all and not spoiled by a few. Thank you all for keeping this cam as enjoyable as it has been. We look forward to many more years of superb eagle watching.

On to the nest antics of the day.

There were not many LOL. The morning started cold and rainy with Mom getting her feathers wet and looking like she needed a spa appointment. Dad continued his stick OSD and brought a few more in. He also spent a good deal of time rearranging the ones he already brought in. Later in the day both he and Mom were bringing in nest stuffing to help fill the nest bowl in preparation for the eaglets to come. 

We had several classes join us today and we were very happy to have them. The kids in the classes ask such interesting questions. It is our privilege to help further nature education with this nest anytime we are able. If you are a teacher and want to have a reserved time for your class please contact any moderator on their comment page at Ustream and we will work with you to get your class scheduled. To find a comment page at Ustream just click on the name in SS of who you want to comment to and on the next page click the Comment button at the top and leave your request and contact details there in the box at the top of the page. We will contact you from there.

Breaking News: Teachers! We have now set up an email address where you can contact us to schedule a time for your class to chat with us. Just email us here: and we will contact you.

Our video and pics from the day.

MNBound Eagles Mom Puzzles Over Dad's Stick

And another great pic from Mich989Razzle!

nictitating eagle eye.jpg

Close-up of eye with and without the Nictitating Membrane

And another late in the day pic of Mom and the eggs. 

night mom and eggs.jpg

Night, Mom and Eggys!

Well, that’s it for today from the MN Bound nest!

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below or in the chat room.  Also, we'll be updating our official MN Bound LIVE Eagles Facebook Page regularly so you can follow along, like, or share with your friends.  We have several site moderators this year to help give optimal information to all that want to learn more about these magnificent birds.