Nest Update March 30, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 21

Good Evening, Fellow HatchWatchers!

Well, the nest day started cold and rainy with showers and wind overnight into the early hours of the day.  Mom got up about 7:20 am for a good stretch.

Dad delivered a big pile of grass after sunrise and kind of clumsily spread it around. Mom put up with his antics and kept her seat on the nest.Dad did a shadow puppet thing on her back for a moment and left. His stick problem came back and Mom survived a couple of whacks and a little stomping.

 MNBound Eagles Around & Over Mom

Mick caught Dad’s nest flyover in slo-mo. 

MNBound Eagles Slo-Mo Just Passing Thru

Dad used his patented technique of stick wrestling to get Mom off the nest once again. As soon as she bailed out he jumped on the eggs.

MNBound Eagles The Stickman

We had some great panning this afternoon from the Cam Gnomes at BBC. Thanks, BBC! Mick caught a good snap of some Wood Ducks in the river which we could see has risen quite a bit from the snowmelt and the rain.

They panned around and showed us how much of the snow has melted.

Dad and Mom held choir practice again today when an intruder came too close to the nest. Dad began and Mom joined in. We heard another eagle in the background trying to sing along. To some of us it sounded like a juvenile eagle come to visit??? 

MNBound Eagles High Alert! Too Close for Comfort

Mick took a great snap of Dad singing.

And Bekka took this one after Mom joined Dad on the nest.


Mom kicked Dad off the nest and he flew after the intruder. Some chatters were wondering if it might be Harmon but we will never know as we did not see the intruder. Things settled down after that but later on Mom tried the stick trick for herself.

It seemed to work as Dad left and Mom took over for the night.

It was a lovely sunset and as darkness fell Mom was sitting on the eggs that in two short weeks we hope will hatch into a couple of cute bobbleheads. 

All in all a wonderful day at the MN Bound nest. Thanks as always to all who provided pics and vids for todays blog. And thanks to BBC and MN Bound for this great cam.

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you tomorrow on the nest!


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