Monday March 4, 2013 Evening Update - Doin's On The Nest

Well, today at the MN Bound Eagle nest has been a busy one.

 Mom and Dad Eagle have been hard at work getting the nest ready for the eggs to come. They were in and out several times bringing sticks, grasses and leaves in. The usual comedy ensued over stick placement. Mom and Dad were tied in that department today. This evening was good in that no intruders stopped by. Probably hiding from the snowstorm!

 Mom is spending the night in the nest for the first time this year. Unfortunately she is being snowed on. The nest area is supposed to get six to eight inches of snow tonite and tomorrow. She looks like she will “weather the storm” just fine. 

 All the chatters and all the mods are wondering if this is the night she will lay the first egg of the year. 

 We will all just have to wait and see!

 Mark and the Broadband team revamped the power to the cam Monday. They took the old solar array completely offline and put all the systems on the new solar array. Mark said it was looking good and was charging well even with cloudy skies. The new arrangement is better for power but did take away some switching and monitoring capabilities. This means the cam will be up 24/7 from now on! BBC is closely watching all the systems to make sure everything is running right.

 Thanks to Mark and the BBC Team for all the hard work to get the cam up and running so we can experience this Eagle nest up close and personal!

 Well, it looks to be an exciting week at the nest and we are looking forward to having some eggs to stare at.

 Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!



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