Nest Update March 6, 2013 - Ups and Downs

Happy Eggwatch, MN Bound Eagle Watchers!

Overnight the cam was up but the IR illuminator was down. There was some speculation that Mom had turned it off for privacy but there was no egg to be seen in the morning. It looked like that Dark and Stormy night that I keep hearing about!

Today was the 1 year anniversary of Harmon’s egg laying! We all hope he is doing well!

Early on today Mom and Dad were busy with nestorations after the big snowfall the nest received. They were working hard at it and and had another stick wrestling match.

We lost the cam feed due to unknown reasons at about noon nest time. The BBC team jumped on the problem and brought the feed back up about 5pm nest time. All Hail BBC!

Our videographer 989Razzle put together a compilation of panning shots that is just spectacular!

Mom returned to the nest at dusk to tease us again. However she did not settle in and left to sleep on a branch for the night. No egg tonight, I guess! And I was so hoping for an egg on my Hatchday!

Well, we are still on EggWatch and I will be back tomorrow with another update.

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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