Nest Update April 12, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 34

Good Evening, Fellow PipWatchers!

Yes its True! We started PipWatch today. It was an unfruitful day as far as pipwatching goes but we had a great day on the nest anyway! The mods donned there pipped avatars and kept a close eye on things as we were joined by chatters and lurkers from all over the eaglesphere. Discussion was lively and excitement peaked every time there was a chance to see the eggs.

The day started snowy and cold again today. Mom had a fresh fish breakfast thanks to Dad (nom nom nom Walleye! yum) and he took over incubating duties while she abated her hunger.

MNBound Eagles Dad Brings Live Fish For Mom

The snow started to melt and Mom and Dad each spent some time on the nest. BBC did several great panning sessions and zoom-ins for us. They even followed Dad as he flew off to the compost facility. He didn’t bring back any that time but he did bring some dry grass earlier for Mom to cover up with. Dad was kinda the star of the show today and Razzle made a video all about him.

MNBound Eagles All About Dad

Lots of screencaps were captured today. For a moment or two we were a goose cam, a Great Blue Heron cam and a news cam as a police cruiser went speeding by on the highway south of the nest with sirens blaring. Dad did several regal poses for us and even showed his take-off technique. We watched as he kept guard from his favorite perch to the left of the nest.

Checking out the neighbors.

Whatchu lookin’ at?? 

Dad shows his takeoff technique.


Mom looks at Dad like “ What are you posing for?”

Well ??

Dad on his fave perch watching the neighbors

Great Blue Heron cam

Goose Cam

Dad  in takeoff mode in the nest

Like I said many great snaps today. You can find more at the MN Bound Facebook page. Click the link below to get there.

So, even though we didn’t have a pip today it was another great day at the MN Bound nest. Thanks go to many today Mick989Razzle, the mods, the eagles and especially BBC for all the great panning and solving the cam problems as they occurred. Thanks!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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