Nest Update April 18, 2013 - The Nest is “Peace” ful!

Good Evening, Fellow SnowyNestigians!!

A personal note before we get started: The blog has had over 19,500 and 40,400 views in the last week and month respectively. I thank you for all the support you have given it and will endeavor to make the blog better than ever going forward. Thank You!!!

This morning at dawn Peace came to Minnesota. She hatched overnight after teasing us all day yesterday. Our new little addition was spotted as Mom got up to stretch after a long night on the nest. We got a better look after the sun came up and Mom was feeding Harmony. The first thing Harmony did was bonk Peace as she started to eat. Chatters immediately wanted to know what the little ones name was going to be. Speculation was rampant as we waited for BBC to announce the name. Finally they did and the crowd went wild! Chatters loved the name and we now have peace and harmony in the nest. We’ll see how long that lasts!

A giant late winter storm hit the nest today as Peace was settling in. It started to snow and just kept on snowing. Soon Mom was beak deep and the little ones were hiding in the brood patch. Dad came to the nest to keep Mom company during the worst of the first snow bands. Mom did feed the little ones a couple of times but otherwise stayed put over the eaglets.Late in the day she turned several directions to find a better position in the wind. We are lucky in one sense in that the “snowglow” kept it light enough to see Mom well after it got dark. Hang in there, Mom!

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Our first good sighting of little Peace!

MNBound Eagles 2nd Eaglet Has Hatched!

A comparison of PSes by Mom and Harmony. Thanks Razzle! LOL

MNBound Eagles Littlest Poop Shoot

First closeup of Peace.

MNBound Eagles 2nd Eaglet's First Morning Close Up

Dad cleans up after chow and climbs the trunk.

MNBound Eagles Feaking, Dad Climbs Tree Branch

Mom and Dad trumpet Peace’s arrival to the world.

MNBound Eagles 2nd Eaglet is Named "Peace"

Dad comes to the nest to keep Mom company.

MNBound Eagles Weather the Storm Together

Dad’s first feeding of Peace.

MNBound Eagles Dad Feeds Peace

It was a snowy day in the nest today.

MNBound Eagles Snow Day in April

And finally, Mom waiting for Mother Nature to stop with the snow already!

MNBound Eagles Waiting Out the Storm

And some pics! 

Mom in the snowy nest late in the day.

Peace and Harmony together again for the first time!

Mom kept some food warm along with the eaglets.

A wider view. 

Well we have had a delightful and scary day here at the nest as we welcomed Peace and watched the storm cover the nest. The snow is supposed to blow out and the weather improve as we go to the weekend. Hope so!

Thanks to all who made the day on the nest a rewarding one today! And Thanks to BBC, the mods, Razzle and all who helped make this blog what it is. Thank You!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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