Nest Update April 19, 2013 - H and P Play in the Snow!

Good Evening, Fellow SoggyCottonwoodites!!

The morning at the nest started much as the day ended last night. Snowed in and cold. Overnight we heard several branches crack and crash from the weight of the snow. Mom and the kids were not disturbed by this but the chatters were pretty worried. Dawn showed us all was well and Mom got the day started feeding the eaglets. Dad brought a bullhead to the nest and H&P got to taste what will be their favorite food, fish.As the day wore on the sun was out more and more and the snow began to melt. Dad brought some new grass to cover the snow and help melt it faster. Lots of feedings were seen and Peace held her own with her sibling. Bonking was at a minimum as Mom fed them lots of fish and other goodies. The evening light was beautiful as Mom filled their bellies one last time before bed. Kirby rays shown on H&P for the first of many times to come. The weather tomorrow night and Sunday looks dicey again but we know this eagle family will come through with flying colors and the chatters and mods will help them with all their good wishes and happy thoughts. 

Well, On to the vids and pics of the day.

We have a vid from yesterday that was a late arrival and did not make last nights blog.

MNBound Eagles Wobble Bobble All Fall Down

Dadtried to feed H&P some of the fish but Mom came back to take over again.

MNBound Eagles Mom Takes Control of Dad's Fish

Later on Dad gave Mom the stink eye as she tried to feed H&P.

MNBound Eagles Dad Gives Mom the Stare Down

And a late day feeding of H&P with a great zoom in. Dad climbed the tree and let the world know everything was good in the cottonwood.

MNBound Eaglets Peace & Harmony

Harmony is no slouch in the trenches. A nice full crop!

A beak nip as thanks for the fish.

See! Storms aren’t a problem for us!

Harmony and Peace waiting for a snack.

It turned into a lovely day-after-the-storm at the nest. We had lots to see even if the Ustream chat servers were strained under an enormous load from the Boston manhunt. The Social Stream was goofy all day because of this and we struggled to communicate with each other. A lot of us just went to full screen and enjoyed the pics as they arrived. Hope Ustream is better tomorrow. Well, time to put this one to bed and head there myself. 

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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