Nest Update April 23, 2013 - Has Spring Sprung At Last?

Good Evening, Fellow SnowMeltorians!!

Well, the storms blew through and did their worst but the nest and our eagle family came through it all with nary a scratch. Mom woke to a beautiful clear sky and a sunrise that would make you think you were in heaven. Oh wait, aren’t eagles nests heaven already? This one certainly seems like it. Dad seemed to have caught a woodpecker from the looks of the feathers Mom filled the nest with and Harmony and Peace had bird sausage for breakfish. A little later in the day Harmony tried to flap her winglets and Mom gave her and Peace a demonstration on how it was done. In the afternoon Dad was sitting with the babes while Mom was out fishing. She came back not once, not twice, but three times with northern pike and each one was bigger than the last. That’s it, I’m hiring her as my guide the next time out. Dad and the kids looked on in awe as this transpired and snacked on the fruits of Mom's labor. Lots of fish nestovers for a few days. Mick989Razzle put together a nice vid comparing H&P today with the day Peace was hatched. They have grown a lot in 5 days and will continue to grow at a tremendous rate for the next 3 months. The day ended calm and serene as the sun set in the west.

On to the vids and pics!

The family dine on woodpecker for breakfish.

MNBound Eagles Mom's Feather Breakfast

Mom shows the kids how it’s done.

MNBound Eagles Mom Gives Flapping Demonstration

Mom’s fishing expedition was a spectacular success.

MNBound Eagles The Fisher Woman

The little ones are growing fast!

MNBound Eagles Look How They've Grown in 5 Days

Our mod KarenAnn works near here. She posted several pics for us. Just beautiful!

Peace gave her underwings an airing.

Mom at dawn.

The kids behaving at breakfish.

The storms residue at the nest. The snow melted fast and the weather was beautiful today.


The weathermen (and ladies) are saying a big warmup is in the works for the weekend. I hope so, this winter has worn out its welcome! A big thanks to KarenAnn for her photos and to Razzle for the pics and vids today. They were spectacular!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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