Nest Update April 27, 2013 - Ups and Downs!

Good Evening, Fellow BlankCamWatchers!!

The cam spent a lot of the day offline today so we really don’t have a lot of vids for the day today. Make that any vids for today. We do not know what the problem with the cam was but we are grateful to BBC for getting it back up as quick as they could.

There was a lot of chat in SS about how close the kids were getting to the rails and how the rails needed to be higher. If you look at this pic that BBC took when they installed the new cam: 

You can see the rails then were plenty high and Dad has added a lot to them since then. The picture we see in the cam is deceiving because we are looking down at the nest. What looks flat is really a bowl that holds the eaglets very well. So, please don’t worry when they get near the edge. They are not going to fall out! Eagles are born to watch their world from high places and the eaglets are just following instinct when they try to peer out of the nest at the edges. Kirby fell last year because he was hit by a pelt Mom was moving in the nest and he couldn’t climb back in. It will not happen again this year. Lots of other stuff to worry about in this world. Our eaglets will be fine.

Harmony and Peace spent the day (what we could see of it) doing standard eaglet stuff. In other words eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, PSing, eating, sleeping... Well, you get the idea. A few bonks were thrown in for good measure and we had a pretty typical day on the nest. Mom went fishing again and brought back a nice crappie. Dad brought in some mystery meat(it looked like it had feathers) and the kids were happy to eat all that was offered to them. Wish my kids had been like that! As dusk came to the nest their crops were filled and they settled in with Mom for a lovely spring night with the frogs in full voice.

We do have a Harmony and Peace Highlight reel that Razzle put together for us.

MNBound Eagles Highlights Featuring Peace & Harmony

When the kids manage to get off cam in the lower right of the picture this is where they are. Plenty of room there and no danger of falling. Harmon liked to hang out here too last year.

Bekka caught some lovely shots of a great spring afternoon in Minnesota.

Mich 989Razzle caught Mom dancing and trying not to step on Harmony. 

And the same with Peace a few minutes later.

Harmony gnawing on Peace’s foot. That kid is always hungry.

Peace bites Harmony’s beak. She gives as good as she gets.

Peace’s favorite PS place. She is getting good coverage on the rails.

And it looks like one of the neighbors ended up on an episode of Cops.

When I see days like today in Minnesota I sometimes wish I had never left. Spring there is worth waiting all winter to experience. The sights, smells and feelings of new life renewing itself are just the best. The Big Guy surely gave this place an extra dose of goodness when it was created. Thanks again to Grayc, Bekka, Razzle and BBC for the great pics. And a BIG thanks to the mod squad for keeping everyone entertained while the cam was down.

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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