Nest Update April 29, 2013 - Downs and Ups Today!

Good Evening, Fellow ScreenStarers!!

Can I get a YAHOO?? BBC beat up, cajoled and pleaded with the equipment that brings us the nest cam and got us back online today. We were up for an hour this morning and then we came back up permanently about 4 hours later. Thanks BBC! 

The eagles had another gorgeous spring day on the nest. Harmony and Peace seemed to have grown overnight (they probably did) and were working the confines of the nest hard as Mom and Dad kept their crops full to the brim. A few friendly bonkfests were seen and a lot of naps were taken, basking in the sun. A scaup (a kind of duck) made its way to the nest and gave up its down to decorate the rails in a 60’s sort of fashion. Mom and Dad took turns watching the kids, stealing food from each other and bringing home things to stock the larder. Dad landed a small bass that contributed to the eaglets stretched crops. Harmony learned what it was like to PS into the wind and Peace continued to paint the rails. As night fell chatters, mods and perchers gave thanks all around that the cam was back up again.

FYI: Just a heads up, I have asked the other mods to contribute a guest blog here from time to time. Can’t wait to see what they have to tell us!


On to the pics and vids!

First vid after the cam returned.

MNBound Eagles Cam Is Back On Peace & Harmony

Razzle put together a good look at Harmony and Peace for Hrmony’s 2 week birthday.

MNBound Eagles Peace at 11 Days & Harmony at 14 Days Old

Harmony versus the wind.

Harmony in the evening.

A Cuddle Puddle

Mom looking up for Dad?

Peace on Day 11

Dad looking over his realm.

And a Family Portrait.

Again, we are all extremely grateful to the BBC Team for getting the Best Cam On The NET™ up and running for us today. YOU GUYS ROCK!

And Thanks to Razzle and Bekka for the pics and vids. 

Hope you all enjoyed your time on the nest today and we’ll see you there tomorrow!


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