Nest Update April 6, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 28

Good Evening, Fellow Nestizens!

So, a week from today we will start PipWatch. The 13th of April is about the earliest that we can expect to see a pip. It will make for an exciting weekend as we all vie to be the first to spot a pip on one of our eggs!

We started the day rainy and cold again today. Mom and Dad did not look too happy with the weather. Mick989Razzle caught dad sitting in the rain with puddles on his back and drips off his beak. I caught myself humming a BJ Thomas song. :-)

MNBound Eagles Raindrops On Dad's Beak

Mom returned to the nest and made a Mombrella for the eggs.

MNBound Eagles Mom Makes a "Mombrella

They improved the Feng Shui with some more corn husks and a corn cob.

Late in the afternoon BBC gave us an extensive panning session and we got some great shots.

Egg closeup.

What a difference a month makes. 1st pic was taken 3-8 and the 2nd today.

Mom got tired of waiting for dad to come back so she gave him a "Come Home!" call and left. Dad came in low on the left and made a quick pit stop on a branch before landing on the nest.

Mick caught Mom coming back to the tree!

And Dad getting ready for the dentist. Open Wide!

That about wraps up another great day on our nest. Thanks go to Mick989Razzle, GazGeorgia and BBC as always for the pics and videos! About 9 days or so to go and we will have some eaglets!

Graycsam’s Countdown to Hatch Clock!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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