Nest Update April 7, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 29

Good Evening, Fellow Eggamaniacs!

As we get closer and closer to the Hatch you can feel the anticipation growing. We have had a lot of new chatters join us the last few days. Myself, all the mods, BBC and MN Bound would like to thank all of those joining us here at the cam for helping to make this the Best Cam On The NET™. We are having a blast now and we can make it even better if you all invite all of your eagle friends to join us. And please hit the "Follow" button when you do visit. Thank you!

I am going to start today with a video I missed posting yesterday. Mick captured this during the late afternoon panning session and it shows Mom winging in to land on the tree and later fluttering down to the nest. She fiddles with Dad’s stick after tromping around him to get him to move. He finally gets up and Mom takes over.

MNBound Eagles Mom's Fly-By & Landing During Camera Pan


This morning a chickadee stopped by to watch Mom sleep and to ponder the meaning of life.

In the late morning Mom was on the nest when either Lunch or Dinner decided to get vocal about the rent. They chattered for a bit and then scampered across the far left branch. Mom showed them who’s boss with a full wingspread display.

MNBound Eagles Squirrel Chatter

And a still from the video above of Mom at full wingspread!

In the afternoon Dad was on the nest when a Red Tailed hawk came flying nearby. Dad kept his eye on it and you could hear the classic movie raptor call from above the nest. Mom and Dad both warned it away and it seemed to get the message. Dad put his wing out just to be a little more intimidating.

MNBound Eagles Hawk Flying Overhead Intruder Alert

One if our chatters posted the URL of some awesome pics from the Southwest Florida Eaglecam today. They are of the fledgling Hope being attacked by a juvie eagle and Hope’s dad Ozzie coming to her rescue. Take a look, they are pretty spectacular!

Hope Being Attacked

I found some pics on the net of our nest as it was 3 years ago. These were taken by KARE as the first webcam was being installed at the nest. It was thought at the time that the nest was 7 years old. It has become a lot bigger since then. Thanks KARE!

Closeup Nest

Nest from the ground

Well that wraps up another great day on our nest! The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy all week but we hope it will clear out by Sunday so we can have good weather for the hatch! Cross your talons!

Grayc’s Countdown to Hatch Clock!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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