Nest Update May 11, 2013 - Saturday In The Dark

Good Evening, Fellow PinFeatherItchers!!

My apologies to the supergroup Chicago for the title. 

A special thanks to Patrice Weaver and Georgia Public Broadcasting for this note they sent along.

I work for Georgia Public Broadcasting and we have a local weekly show called Georgia Outdoors. Here is the link to a 1/2 hour show we did on raptors. I think the folks who write the blog about the eagle nest might find in interesting. By the way, I have become addicted to the live camera and the blog. Keep up the great work!

Raptors In Flight

Please take some time and watch the Raptors In Flight program. It is very well done with lots of good slo-mo footage of the birds on the wing. Thanks, Patrice and we hope you keep enjoying the blog and nest.

Saturday on the nest was a lovely afternoon for the chatters as the cam was down until just after noon. BBC is working diligently to resolve the power problems that have bugged the cam for the past week or so. We lost the cam late afternoon just as Mom had brought home a giant carp for the kids to gnaw on. After it came back up Dad was seen trying to polish off the last of the carp. Its amazing that Harmony and Peace could put away that much of that big fish in so little time. I’ll bet they had some help from Mom. The rest of the day was filled with the usual things eaglets do. They slept, ate nestovers, slept, PSed and slept some more. Dad chased away some of the tenants of the downstairs apartments when they bugged him as he was standing on the edge of the nest. He ended up on a branch across from the nest as the wind carried him away from the edge. Mom had a good day just hanging with the kids until she went fishing and showed Dad again how it’s done. The look on his face was priceless as she brought the fish home. The wind died down as the sun set and we had another lovely evening on the nest.

On to the vids!

Dad and the renters downstairs have some words.

MNBound Eagles Too Many Little Birds

Mom brings home the bacon...errr carp.

MNBound Eagles Mom Lands Giant Carp

Peace imitating Mom and Harmony’s tail ruffles.

MNBound Eaglets Harmony's Tail Ruffles

And some pics from today.

The area is looking more springlike every day.

Carp and nestovers for lunch.

Where did you catch that?

Its ok! Show me up in front of the kids again!

Love this! These are the talons of an 8 WEEK old bald eagle on Catalina Island in California. This gives some perspective on our kids clown feet.Some have trouble when I tell them that the clown feet are almost as big as their hands. Hope this helps them visualize that.

Photo courtesy of IWS.

Dad talking to the renters!

Well, it was another fishy, windy, and sunny day at the MN Bound nest! I love spending time watching our eaglets grow. I hope you all do too!

Thanks to Razzle, Bekka and BBC for our lovely pics and vids today. And a special shout-out to IWS for the talons pic.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers great and small. Hope your day will be special.

See you on the nest tomorrow!


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