Nest Update May 15, 2013 - The Cool After The Inferno

Good Evening, Fellow SunBaskers!!

Well, 75 blogs down and maybe 100 or so to go. Hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. Thanks for your support!

Wednesday on the nest must have seemed almost cold at 73˚ after the wind driven blowtorch that was yesterday. Mom, Dad, and the kids spent a peaceful calm day cooling off and relaxing. There were several fresh fish deliveries that were consumed in short order and lots of time was spent growing feathers and scoping out the territory from the rails. Today Harmony turned 30 days old and chatters and mods all wished her well. Each of the kids took turns scoping out the nest and napping the day away. They even managed to both fit under Mom for probably the last time. Dad brought home some fresh grasses for the nest and Mom dug around to aerate the bowl. Another lovely sunset closed out another marvelous day at the MN Bound nest. 

Our intrepid videographer 989Razzle took a much deserved semi day off and left us with only one vid today. 

The kids were very polite and Mom tweaked Harmony’s beak for her.

MNBound Eagles Patience, Love & Good Balance

Lots of good scaps were had today by various mods and chatters.

The greening of the trees.

Hey Peace! Thats a long way down!

Even eagles have zombie problems!

Harmony trying out for the self feeding team.

Sunbrella for the kids.

One from the other day of the kids smiling at the cam! They know we are watching!

Hey Peace! Time to get up and perform for all those watchers!

A panorama of the area above the nest.

Thus ends a superbly calm and wondrously cooler day at the nest. Thanks go out to BBC, Razzle, and our mods jreagle and Bekka1017 for the pics and video today.

Hope you had a great day watching with us and we’ll see you in the cottonwood tomorrow.


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