Nest Update May 16, 2013 - A Pannerific Day

Good Evening, Fellow ScreenCappers!!

If you weren’t able to be with us on the nest today you missed a great opportunity to get some great pics. It seemed that whenever Harmony, Peace, Mom, or Dad moved the cam gnomes (Thanks, BBC!) were there to follow the action. Great closeups, wide vistas and long zooms to geese on Goose Island in the pond. Goslings swimming, leaves budding on the trees and we even spotted the new solar panels!

Mom, Dad, Harmony and Peace had a nice quiet day on the nest. Fish were caught and consumed and feathers continued to be grown. A great family portrait was taken when Mom and Dad were both on the nest to warn away an intruder flying high over the nest. The kids were left alone a little more today and this will only increase as the weeks go by. Harmony tried to take her first self-feed bite today. Peace, not to be outdone by big sister, tried a quick little perch on a rail stick and succeeded if only for a few seconds.They both played and slept in the sun on the nest and tried for shade under Mom and Dad. As the night settled in they were treated to a fishcicle bedtime treat and went to sleep happy and contented. Well, enough with the verbiage and on to the vids and pics. 

Harmony takes a Bite!

MNBound Eagles Harmony 1st Time Self Feeding

Good squees were heard today!

MNBound Eaglets With Feathers Come Squees

Peace takes a perch.

MNBound Eaglets Peace Steps Out & "Perches"

Looking for the intruder.

MNBound Eagles I Spy Overhead Flyer

Hey! i’m trying to nap here!

Handsome Dad!

Goslings near Goose Island.

Harmony’s Headrest

Mom in full zombie mode

A little beak play.

Wadda youse guys want?

Hey Mom! Help me out here!

And the Family Portrait

Oh well this is very late and I do apologize for that. Real life sometimes intrudes on Eagle heaven. Thanks as always to Razzle, Bekka, MNVicki and BBC for all the great pics and vids from today.

Hope you had a pannerific day on the nest and we’ll see you there tomorrow.


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