Nest Update May 19, 2013 -Dad’s Big Fish And Roadkill Squirrel

Good Evening, Fellow SundaySunners!!

Yes, it was sunny in between rainstorms today. The day started with a shower that washed some more of the poopcasso off the tree trunk and gave the kids an early morning bath. Breakfish was another turtle (we think) and some nestovers Dad dug up in the nest. Most of the day was spent drying out and preening up. Mom and Dad continued renovations to the nest floor and dug up some more interesting stuff including a 3 week old northern pike. Man, that fish was stiff as a board. Late in the afternoon the nest received another short rain shower while east of the nest in the Twin Cities T-storms poured down buckets of rain. Tornado watches were in effect and the chatters worried that one would hit the nest. 

Dad came home early evening with the biggest fish yet seen on the nest. He had already eaten a good portion of it and it was still a struggle to get it to the nest. As he rested from his ordeal Mom started stuffing Peace and Harmony for the upcoming sleep period. They ate with gusto and attained the largest crops seen yet this year. Dad was so proud of his catch he went out and brought home a roadkill squirrel for desert. He and Mom had a little tussle over it’s positioning on the nest and had a digging contest to decide the matter. Mom won, of course. She then topped up Harmony and Peace and as night fell and all was peaceful and harmonious on the nest.

Just a couple of vids from today.

Dad’s Big Catch of the Day.

MNBound Eagles Record Catch Biggest Fish Yet

Some vignettes of Peace and Harmony enjoying their Sunday.

MNBound Eagles Peace Squees! Shaking Off the Soggies 

And a selection of scaps from the day

The Fountain of Youth?

PeaCE POOP.jpg

You Guys want some leftovers??

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 2.38.14 PM.png

Boy, Dad, Thats a big fish!

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 2.38.54 PM.png


Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 2.55.09 PM.png

About time you came back!

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 3.22.13 PM.png

Now where did I put that shampoo??

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 4.52.03 PM.png

I'm a big bird now!

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 6.14.33 PM.png

You sure this is a good place to hide??

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 6.24.59 PM.png

Mine! No, Mine! No, Mine!

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 6.35.22 PM.png

HAH! I win!


It was a soggy, sunny, then soggy again Sunday on the nest. The kids kept growing and eating their way toward fledging sometime after about 5-6 more weeks. Hope your Sunday was as pleasant as theirs!

Thanks to Razzle and BBC as always for the great pics and vids! This cam still amazes me every day!

Have a good evening and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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