Nest Update May 4, 2013 - Vid Updates For May 3rd And 4th.

Good Evening, Fellow VidViewers!!

In order not to take away from jreagles wonderful guest blog I waited until tonight to post yesterdays vids!

The day on the nest yesterday and today was pretty calm and serene. The weather was a bit gray and gloomy but the bulk of the rain predicted did not fall on the nest. Mom and Dad kept Harmony and Peace’s crops topped up and the kids played, slept and PSed to their hearts content. Dad did a cover maneuver when he spotted what could be an intruder yesterday and later in the day lost a stick overboard. We discovered that Peace also has her pin feathers developing earlier than usual just like her big sister. Mom called for Dad for about an hour and when he finally did show up she was a little short with him. She left the kids alone in the nest while she let him know that she was unhappy. Dad then came down and took over nest duties.

Saturday was a very quiet day as befits the 1st day of a weekend. Mom and Dad kept Peace and Harmony so full it was amazing they could move at all. Lots of fish and nestover duck was consumed. Late in the day Mom left the kids alone on the nest while they were napping. After about 20 minutes Dad arrived and proceeded to try to stuff them again. Mom returned later and as usual crowded Dad out of a feeding. It ended up with Mom feeding Harmony and Dad feeding Peace. A good division of labor. As night fell on the nest Mom continued her rearrangements of the Feng Shui and all was calm. 

On to the vids and pics!

The first is of Dad covering the eaglets as something he didn’t like came by the nest.

MNBound Eagles Dad Covers Eaglets During Alert

A good look at the pin feathers emerging on Peace’s wing.

MNBound Eagles Pin Feathers Emerging on Peace's Wing

Mom gets upset with Dad for taking so long at Nest Depot.

MNBound Eagles Feisty Nest Exchange

Dad has an OSD attack that doesn’t turn out well for Mom or the stick.

MNBound Eagles That Stick's Going Overboard!

Screencap from the stick episode.

Dad giving a passerby what for on Friday morning.

Mom and the kids doing wing stretches Saturday afternoon.

Now pay attention! I’m only gonna do this once!

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 4.30.28 PM.png

Family feeding time! How sweet is that!

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 10.53.05 AM.png

It was a very calm end of the week at the MN Bound nest. We look forward to a week of improving weather as we get deeper into spring and continued growth and merriment from the eagles.

Have a lovely Sunday and we’ll see you on the nest!


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