Nest Update May 5, 2013 - Cinco de Eagle in Minnesota!

Good Evening, Fellow SundayNestWatchers!!

I announced this in the Social Stream today and I’ll remind you here, if that’s OK? Tomorrow nights blog will be by our very own mod ArkyAngel. Don’t miss it, I’ll guarantee you’ll love it. 

Sunday on the nest was the way a Sunday should be, lazy and serene. Mom and Dad kept Harmony and Peace trotting around the nest to their next meal and inevitable nap. The kids are almost fully the darker shade of gray that tells us the secondary down growth has arrived.They have reached what I like to call the Peruke stage where they both look like they are wearing barrister wigs. H & P are both are showing pin feathers on their wings and you can make out the main feather tracks where their flight and body feathers will grow in. Just to be clear, “pin” feathers are the sheaths that the main feathers grow out of. They grow in and then split so the feather can reach its full growth. So, pin feathers are not feathers in themselves but the beginning of feather growth, just like hair follicles on our heads.

The kids ate a lot of nestovers today but mid-afternoon Dad brought in a nice big fish that rivaled any that Mom has caught to date. Mom immediately confiscated it and began to stuff H&P once again. Dad dug around in the nest for a bit and then headed out to Stick Depot to peruse the wares. The clown feet we all love are in evidence now. The kids are waddling are around the nest and sticking them out when they sleep. They are growing so fast! Late in the evening the magic hour light was complimented by some zooming by the cam gnomes! Thanks BBC!

Pink light bade the babes good night and sleep tight! 

It was another light day for pics and vids as there was not too much action to record. 

Razzle made a vid of the clown feet phenomena.

MNBound Eaglets Clown Feet

Razzle also put together a Progress Report on our eaglets.

Peace & Harmony have started to show an interest in picking up food; at 2:54 in video Harmony picks up and eats a morsel of food. They are briefly beginning to stand; to exercise their wings & the parents leave them alone for longer periods of time.

MNBound Eaglets Progress Report for May 5, 2013

Clown feet showing big time!

A look at the corner of the nest where Harmony was napping today.

Waddaya think? Can we outrun ‘em yet?

Dad brings in a huge clump of grass and covers the babes.

Mom’s tail as she splits the scene. 


Thanks as always to Razzle, Bekka, and BBC for the wonderful pics today.

Well we start another wonderful week at the MN Bound nest. I can’t wait to see what this one brings in the way of astounding growth by our eaglets. They are way ahead of the curve and I think they will stay ahead in the weeks to come.

Hope you had a nice Sunday and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


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