Nest Update June 14, 2013 - Wind, Wings, And Lotsa Food

Good Evening, Fellow CropFillers!!

After yesterdays total lack of nourishment today was an epic chowdown for the eaglets. They had bird for breakfish, fish for pre-lunch, a late lunch of aquatic fowl, and a big black tasty fishy for dinner. It was a wonder they could even move much less do wingersizes like we saw them do. Today was Harmony’s 60th day after hatch and Peace is 57 days old. Maybe Mom and Dad denied them food yesterday so they could pig out on Harmony’s two month Hatchday. The cam was down this morning for a while and when it came back up we were treated to some more pans by BBC. They gave us some good close-ups of Peace and an oriole that was hanging out in the cottonwood. Later Peace helped Harmony with a feather that was stuck in her beak and both bit Mom’s talons as she landed with food. Some good mantling was seen and Harmony got some big air on a few hopping wingersizes. The kids are building up their flight muscles and practicing for a branching that should come late next week or early the week after. However these two have been precocious in some of the other milestones of their development and may branch sooner. Hope not, I want them to stick around for a while longer. As Dad delivered lunch the wind was such that it looked like he was sliding into home plate when he arrived and Mom had to make a less than stellar landing herself. There was a bit of rugby as lunch was served but both kids got a good portion and there was even some left for post lunch snacks. After Dad delivered dinner Mom decided it was so crowded on the nest she landed tail first in the only spot left open to her. Cool move, Mom! The kids were stuffed with fish and the fishtail was left for nestovers. Just before complete darkness fell Mom came back to the nest and fed the rest of the fish and the fowl to the kids so they could sleep with completely full crops. Why do I think there will be no food again tomorrow?? As darkness fell so did the wind and all was calm on the nest.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

Peace and the oriole shine in their close-ups.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Oriole Neighbor

Harmony’s Hatchday is a good day.

MNBound Eagles Celebrate! Harmony 60 Days & Peace 57 Days Old

The kids are getting ready to branch

MNBound Eagles Countdown to Branching

Dad shows how he did it in the big leagues

MNBound Eagles Dad Slides into Home Base

Mom shows some style of her own

MNBound Eagles Mom's Backwards Landing

And a selection of pics of the day

Hope nobody lands while we're napping!

6-14-13 Awwww.png

I told you guys NOT to sleep on the runway!!

6-14-13 Dad incoming.png

All those two do is eat and sleep! Oh, to be young again!

6-14-13 Use oriole.png

What did Dad say about the runway??

6-14-13 On Peace2.png

You CAN see the pond better from up here! Wheeee!

6-14-13 H up02.png

Yeah, I know, I'm just the delivery boy!

6-14-13 Fish.png

Yo Dad! Where's the tartar sauce???

6-14-13 fish Dad leaves.png

Well, I hope you didn’t try to keep up with the eaglets in the eating department today. I think that would have been impossible. LOL

It was a fun Friday on the nest and I hope Saturday is just as good. We’ll see you all here tomorrow!


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