Nest Update June 15, 2013 - A Brog For Saturday

Good Evening, Fellow NestGuards!!

Jeepers, I hate being sorta, mostly, kinda correct. Saturday on the nest was another reduced food day for Harmony and Peace. They started the day with nestovers from yesterday and a stick Mom delivered to keep their minds off their crops. Dad brought in something small and flat about 8:30 am that didn’t even make a decent snack. There were a couple of snacks later in the day but no real meals today. I guess Father’s Day will be another feasting day on the nest. Harmony did her first twigging (standing on the rails and scaring the chatters) today and Peace practiced mantling and stealing food as it arrived. They both stood guard duty for a good portion of the day and BBC treated us to an almost day long panning session. Thanks BBC! Ustream had a major outage mid-afternoon and we all got to practice our page reloading skills. Thankfully they were able to restore service fairly quickly and things returned to semi-normal on the nest. Late in the day Harmony went into full defensive mode as a squirrel(we think) tried to visit the nest. She looked great with her wings fully spread, ready to defend her territory. As darkness fell they were both still patrolling the nest for any threats, foreign or domestic. 

On to the vids and pics of the day!

I made a timelapse of the cornstalk escaping from the nest yesterday. It didn’t get far as we saw it on the edge of the nest as BBC panned today.

Stick Migration

The kids take their guard duties seriously

MNBound Eagles On Guard Duty Peace & Harmony

Peace and Harmony prepping for test flights to come

MNBound Eagles Preparing for the Take-Off During Pan & Zoom

Harmony lets an intruder know its a bad idea to drop in unannounced at an eagles nest.

MNBound Eagles Harmony's Defensive Pose

And a selection of pics of the day.

The cornstalk's new home

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 11.44.38 AM copy.png

Ok, you dropped it, you fetch it! The kids are HUNGRY!

6-15-13 Peace on outside03.png

Hey! I'm just trying to help out here! 

6-15-13 Dad looks at Mom.png

Well, I know it starts like this.... Just not sure how to finish it!

6-15-13 Wing it YT USE me?.png

Mom says I do this best!

6-15-13 Wing it 02.png

You sure you guys don't have any Fritos?? 

6-15-14 Wing it YT.png

A tap of the lost baton to Razzle and BBC for the great vids, pics, and panning today! Thanks!

Saturday on the nest started dark and gloomy with some storms that passed close but didn’t drop any rain at the nest. The day finished with a beautiful sunset  and the hope that tomorrow will be a pleasant day for all the fathers grilling and relaxing on Father’s Day. A happy Father's Day to all Dads and hope you have a wonderful Sunday. We’ll see you here tomorrow!


Oh by the way the Brog in the title is an inside joke for the mods and not a misspelling! Thanks for reading this far!

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