Nest Update June 16, 2013 - Happy Pappy’s Day!

Good Evening, Fellow Dads and Granddads!!

Just a reminder: Firetruck1988 will be the Guest Blogger on Monday. Don’t miss out on his blog, it’s great!

Also we have a blog exclusive video from yesterday on the blog tonight!

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day. We didn’t get to see much of Eagle Dads day because the cam was down for most of the day. When it did come back up about 4:45pm the kids were standing back to back like teenagers that had a spat over who got to lick the icing spoon. Harmony and Peace looked fairly contented so we infer they did have a meal at some point while the cam was off.They spent what we saw of the afternoon wingersizing, listening to thunder pass by the nest and watching a lovely sunshower fall. Dad delivered a de-feathered aquatic avian and left the kids to fend for themselves. Chatters were amazed at how polite they were about sharing the meal that was left for them. Harmony and Peace both acquitted themselves very well in the self feeding department until Mom showed up to finish the job. She fed them until they were full and then claimed the rest for herself. The kids lay down and pretended to sleep until she left and then they got up and played until darkness fell. Typical teenagers! LOL

On to the pics and vids!

The blog exclusive vid from Razzle!

Harmony nips at Dad after Peace scores another takeaway

MNBound Eagles Harmony Nips at Dad

A new vid from yesterday with Peace and Harmony moving a stick together

MNBound Eagles We Have a Stick

And another new one from yesterday of Peace demonstrating proper mantling

MNBound Eaglets Peace Mantling During Close Up Pan & Zoom

From today, H & P get playful while wingersizing

MNBound Eaglets Twirl & Hop

And the pics of the day from Razzle!

Is that a ribeye??? You guys do know we're hungry, right???


Your footwork needs refinement!


I don't care what you say, I'm never squeeing to you again!!

6-16-13 .png

Lemme show ya how it's done!

6-16-13 wingYT.png

Hey! You're standing in the runway again!


A flick of the flight feather to Razzle and BBC for the pics and vids today! Thanks!

Today was a special day for me as I spent Father’s Day for the first time as a grandfather. Here’s a pic of the future eagle watcher. She’s going to help me with the blog in a few months!


She's hungry all the time like our eaglets!

Hope you had a wonderful day and we’ll see you here tomorrow!


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