Nest Update June 19, 2013 - Hovering, Trunking, and Food, Oh My! 

Good Evening, Fellow BarkGrabbers!!

What a busy Wednesday this turned into. It started with duck for breakfish and a squeefest as Harmony and Peace were each trying to steal from each other. Late morning there was a huge lunch (2 fish and another avian) delivered by the local deliveryman (Dad) that had them squeeing and noshing with joy again. They settled in for some napping and rest after all that tearing and gulping depleted their energy. About mid afternoon Harmony and Peace were getting in some stretching and a little wingersizing when Peace decided to wow the crowd with an excursion up the tree trunk. We Have Trunking! We call it trunking, some call it branching but it looks like Peace got there first again. Not to be outdone Harmony achieved a great hover a little later. Mom delivered a furry snack late afternoon and Peace scored the initial takeaway. Harmony was not to be denied this time. She got control with a quick nip and a great wing check to Peaces’s midsection. Mom tried to get in on the action and Harmony denied her too with a couple of good spin moves and a quick take-back. Finally in the evening just before the sun set Peace proved her moves of the afternoon were no fluke by trunking not once but twice more. That kid is gonna go far some day. LOL  As darkness fell they were watching and playing on the nest. Peace was searching for nestovers to fill up the empty space left by Harmony’s steal and consumption of the afternoon snack. The search proved fruitless and instead Peace made a bed of all the dried up nestovers she had found and lay down to sleep off a very tiring day. 

On to the pics and vids of the day!

Peace thrills the crowd with the first trunk of the season.

MNBound Eagles Peace Climbs the Main Trunk

Not to be outdone, Harmony hovers for the first time.

MNBound Eagles Harmony's 1st Hover Lift Off

Harmony goes for the snack steal and keeps it from Mom too!

MNBound Eagles Peace & Mom Get Robbed

Peace and Harmony practice being eagles in the evening. Two more trunkings are seen. Vid is 10 minutes long.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Harmony Get Their Eagle On

And todays selection of Razzle Pics! Thanks Razzle!


Ok, this will be a three and a half gainer with two and a half twists into the pond!

Ok, this will be a three and a half gainer with two and a half twists into the pond!

Ok, so Dad does this all the time. My turn!

Ok, so Dad does this all the time. My turn!

Wadda ya mean "share and share alike"???

Wadda ya mean "share and share alike"???

Dad's not gonna like you in his spot!!!

Dad's not gonna like you in his spot!!!

Please be patient as we work the kinks out with the new website and a new way to post the blogs. I should have it down by the end of the week. LOL

Well, chat was flying today and we were running almost as hard as the eaglets were working out just to keep up. It was a marvelous day on the nest and I hope you were here to see it with us!

A brush of the bark to Razzle and BBC for the always excellent pics and vids of the day! Thanks!

Have a good evening and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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