Nest Update March 9, 2014 - Melting Snow, Ice Crashes, and Deer, Oh, My…

The first Sunday of the season was a fitting one on the nest. It mostly consisted of Dad having the duty on the egg while Mom stretched her wings and talons in preparation for what we hope is a second egg tomorrow. There were a few highlights though like a good stick bonk on Mom by Dad as he returned from Stick Depot, several choir practices where Mom and Dad warned away intruders, some of the resident deer wandering by at the usual time and several very loud crashes of ice as the day warmed up into the forties and the river started to break out of its icy winter shell. We even spotted some future meals for the eaglets swimming in the open water of the river. The mallards looked very happy to have a place to exercise their webbed feet on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ooops, wrong nest!!

Actually, that was an osprey nest we spotted on the way to Grand Teton National Park several years ago. Great use for a power pole don’t you think??

On to todays doin’s! 

Birdbrain56 put together a nice compilation of today’s happenings on the nest! Thanks BB!

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Has Nest Duty ~ 03/09/14

Hmmmmm... I hope those mallards stick around for the next couple of months!

Hey take those noisy things somewhere else! I have an egg trying to nap here!

Jeez, I hope those eagles aren't yelling at us!

I wonder if the viewers like me better with or without the grass??

♩♫♩Hey, hey you, you get offa my tree...♬♪♬

I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as the one the eagles had. We look forward to tomorrow and the laying of our next egg!(we hope).

I wish you all a fine week and hope that things start warming up for everyone!

See you on the nest tomorrow!


Are you SURE we are having another egg tomorrow??

I got my hoodie on! Can we go see the egg now??

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