Nest Update March 14, 2014 - And Then There Were Three….

Good evening Fellow Surprised NestPerchers!!!

Well, well, well! It looks like Mom took it in her head to give us all a very nice surprise for our end of the first week of the season day. Early this morning (dragonlainey actually has vid of it before dawn) Mom rose to show us she laid another egg in the overnight hours! It was determined from the recorded vids on the site that she laid the egg at almost exactly 10pm last evening and saved it for a surprise this morning. Bjtignor was one of the first to spot it. The chatters in SS went wild! This is the first time since a cam has been on the nest that she has laid three eggs.

Hello, M9!!

MN Bound Eagles 3-14-14 We Have Egg #3

The SS was hopping all day as perchers from far and wide came to offer congrats and salutations. Anticipation reached new heights as speculation on what the three eaglets will do was discussed endlessly on the SS. Everyone was very happy to see the third egg and can’t wait for hatch time!

Mom and Dad, of course, were unaware of all the hubbub taking place in the chat. They went about their business of incubating the now enlarged clutch with the same dedication we have always seen from them. They swapped places and yelled at the neighbors as usual. Mom even got a squirrel slap into the mix again today. No food was brought to the nest today but we don’t really expect to see that until the eggs are close to hatching. The eagles had a great day on the nest today and so did the perchers. Evening ended with a beautiful sunset and Mom settled in for a well deserved nap.

A puzzle from Bekka!

Some more pics and vids from today.

MN Bound Eagles 3-14-14 And Then There Were 3 ~ Daily Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Who Needs Sticks?

MNBound Eagles ~ Simply Beautiful

Darn it honey! You know I like them grouped!!

Can you guys hold it down??? The triplets are sleeping!!

All this yelling isn't helping with the neighbors!!

I got tired of all you people looking at my messy 'do!!

You're kidding?? She really did lay a third egg??

It was a marvelous Friday on the nest. We all love a good surprise and Mom gave us one of the best ones ever. We all look forward to a very fun and interesting season! A big thanks to dragonlainey and birdbrain56 for the vids from today and to Bekka for a lot of the screenshots and the puzzle. I hope your Friday was as fun and exciting as ours was! See you on the nest tomorrow and don’t forget there is our Saturday chat, too!


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