Nest Update March 8, 2014 - Saturday in the Cottonwood!

What a lovely first Saturday in the cottonwood! The temps warmed up some more, ice and snow were melting, Mom and Dad had a relaxing day after the last couple of hectic days and we look forward to sunshine and even warmer temps tomorrow.

Mom started the day early by calling for Dad before sunrise. She then went back to sleep while he took his time getting there. After a seat exchange Mom headed of to the coffee shop to get a bracer to start the day.. When she returned Dad was up to his old tricks of trying to stay in the warm place on the egg but with a few nudges she persuaded him to leave and took up where she left off.

MN Bound Eagles 3-8-14 Highlights 6-9am ~ Crib Rails ~ Grass ~ Reluctant Nest Exchange

Dad brought home some more furnishings during the morning and again took over incubation duties around noon as Mom went to have a quick lunch with the girls from the spa. The egg was left to fend for itself for a bit in the afternoon as Mom and Dad made a security sweep of the area. The egg enjoyed this as it got to soak up the first rays of its young life and had some space to itself. When the parents returned they held choir practice for the first time this season as an unseen intruder tested the borders of the realm. Dad also had a free feather inspection by the cam gnomes of BBC. All was looking good!

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Up Close & Personal ~ 03-08-14

MN Bound Eagles 3-8-14 Highlights 9am - 2pm ~ Nesting Changes & Great Close Ups

Late afternoon Dad delivered an eat-in meal of aquatic avian. Mom noshed her fill and settled back down on her egg. Dad came back and In the process of trying to consume the rest of the duck annoyed Mom enough that she went off to the back branch to feak her beak in peace. She then returned and helped Dad polish off the duck. Dad went for a little feaking while Mom got back to incubating. 

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Eats, Mom Feaks ~ 03/08/14

Some does went strolling through the woods across the river and the cam gnomes practiced their panning skills trying to catch up to them.

MNBound Eagles ~ Oh Deer ~ 03/08/14

Mom settled in for the long winter’s evening while Dad went across to to the fledge perch for sentry duty.  The first Saturday of our MNB Eaglecam season was complete.

A tip of the talons to dragonlainey and birdbrain56 for the vids today! And as always a great big thank you to BBC for the cam and streaming!

See you on the nest tomorrow!


You're cold?? You are the one who wanted a little space!

Can we go see the new eagle egg, Grampa??

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