Thursday, May 28, 2009 6:12 pm CDT


79 degrees   Sunny   Wind NW 8mph


I know some of you are probably going through "loon withdrawal" right now.

Let me just tell you that the loons are doing fine.

And for whatever it is worth, you have not missed viewing them on the camera because even though they have remained in the area. they have not been around the nest.  I have been relaxing and resting today so I have not watched all the time.  But I have seen only one time late this afternoon when they were close enough to the nest that you could have actually seen them.

So for whatever it is worth, you are not missing a lot of views of our loons.

I will see if there is any possibility that they can turn the webcam on for a little while for you.  I can't promise what they can do but I will at least ask.  I think this morning we "burned out" the fourth and final port on the video server that takes the signal from the cam and processes it so that it can be transmitted over the internet to you.  That is probably why the cam is down now.  The cam itself is working fine and I am watching the picture.  But it isn't getting through all the other stuff it has to traverse to get to you.  I am not sure if it is because of the heavy traffic or what the problem has been that they have burned out several ports.

But it may give you a chance to wean yourself off your loon addiction without having to go "cold turkey".  Or in this case would that be "cold loon"!?

But just know that both chicks are healthy and active.  Both loons have been feeding them little minnows.  And the chicks have been alternately swimming and riding on the adults back.

So thank you once again for your wonderful support and interest in the loons.  They are doing well and enjoying a spectacular Minnesota spring day.