Wednesday, May 27, 2009 9:05pm CDT


Well, as many of you already saw when she got off the nest shortly before 9pm



The first chick has made it through the first night and is doing well inspite of challenges along the way.  Now it faces its second night with a new brother or sister!

And the new chick is new enough and still wet out of the egg that it will probably stay safely under the adult all night long.

But now as darkness falls, I do need to alert you to one thing....or even warn you about it.

I would guess that  sometime tomorrow you will see a fight between the two chicks!  A knock-down-drag-out fight!!

I have seen it almost every year that we have had two chicks.

It is hard to watch because it looks like they are going to kill each other.  But in each of the instances I have observed it, both chicks have survived.

As best I can guess, I think it is what we so nonchalantly call "the pecking order".  Although in this case it is literally the PECKING order.

I will maybe say something more about it in tomorrow morning's blog.  But I wanted to give you a heads up so that it didn't shock you when you saw it.

So now we have the wonder of TWO LITTLE LOON CHICKS!!!  How amazing is that?!?!