Monday, October 18, 2010 2:19pm

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I am sorry that I do not have time for a more detailed update and it has been a while since I updated you.  I will try to say more in the next few days.
But I wanted to give you an update that I just received about one of the Minnesota loons that we surgically implanted with a satellite transmitter.
He has finally left his home lake [Sagatagan Lake]  and has flown east about 75 miles and was on Forest Lake in eastern Minnesota on Sunday.  [As you will remember from before, the other Minnesota loon with a satellite transmitter was found dead on Green Bay of Lake Michigan.  He died from aspergillosis which is a fungal disease which overwhelms the loons respiratory tract in the lungs.]
I assume that this will be just a stopover on his way to Lake Michigan but that is pure speculation on my part.
It will be interesting to see how long he stays on Forest Lake and then if he actually goes to Lake Michigan or takes some other route.
Interestingly, in order to get to Forest Lake from Lake Sagatagan, he probably flew right over the lake where you have watched the loons on the LoonCam!
And speaking of "our loons", I have not seen any loons here since about the middle of August.
I will try to update you more later but I wanted to give you this update.  The loon tracking page should be updated in the next few days and will probably show this movement of the Sagatagan loon.
May you have a wonderful day and enjoy these beautiful days of fall!