Friday, April 22, 2010 7:02 pm


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These loons never cease to amaze me!

The cam is now LIVE and for those of you who were lucky enough to be watching, you just saw MORE of the loons around and on the nest than at any time since they came back on March 30th!!

It was as if they knew that they had guests from all over and being the hospitable hosts that they are, they spent some time with you!!

You read in the previous entry that early this morning they were by the nest but did not try to get up on it.

Then at 8:25am they were back for 5 minutes and mated on the nest.

They were back 25 minutes later and on the nest for just a few minutes. 

I was down making an adjustment on the camera when they swam in from somewhere out on the lake as if to check out what I was doing.  So I left and they swam back out into the lake.

Then I did not see anything of them for most of the afternoon.  I wanted to put in the dock because I thought it might be the last chance I get if they get serious about nesting.

I was putting in the last section of the dock.  When I turned around both loons were sitting quietly about 30 feet away from me.  They just sat and watched me.  Not concerned.  Not upset.  Not agitated.  Just sitting watching.  So I hurried to finish the last section and within 5 minutes I was done and left to go up to the house.

They stayed in the area although out of sight of the camera for a little bit.

Then as if to announce their presence to you, they swam into view and spent about an hour and a half around and on the nest.  This is the MOST time that they have spent around the nest this year!  They did it just for YOU!  There was even another attempted mating at 6:11pm and at 6:50pm they swam back out into the lake and they are out there somewhere right now.

But one of the times when she was on the nest while you were watching, that was also more nest building activity than she has done so far.

All of these things are encouraging signs.  I think we are getting very close to them nesting and hopefully laying a couple eggs.  I would not be surprised it she gets real serious about nest building and laying eggs in the next couple days.

Special thanks to the techies for getting the camera up and running live just in time to see the most exciting events start to happen.

Hang on for the ride!! 

This is only the beginning!