Tuesday, June 1, 2010 9:58am CDT

72 degrees   Sunny  Chance of Thunderstorms this Afternoon
The loons are amazing!
I mentioned in the chat room that it may be a very noisy morning since a house not too far away is being torn down!  There has been MORE noise and disturbance this spring than I remember in a long time.  And I don't think that it is just because I am more aware of it because of the microphone this year.
There HAVE been more things going on from construction to DEstruction to trees being taken down and ground up to to a busy holiday weekend to you name it!
The house is already HALF down!
The loon has looked around a few times at some of the louder noises but has not gone down into a defensive posture.
While we always think of them as birds of the wilderness and the SOUND of the wilderness, it is amazing the amount of human activity that they will tolerate.  As long as it does not take place too close to the nest.  And as long as the human does not look like and EAGLE!!!
So maybe a few more hours of this noise and then the house will be gone and the cranes and bulldozers will be gone and things will return to normal...and QUIET!
This afternoon there is also a possibility of thunderstorms, some of them strong.  So we may have a different kind of noise then.  Hopefully we will get some much needed rain and that the storms will not be severe.  There is a line of scattered storms stretched all the way from the Canadian border down to Texas!
But for now, the loon is safely ensconced on the nest taking care of business!
The business of new loon chicks!