Friday, June 4, 2010 7:13am CDT


OK!!!  How much more drama can we stand!??!!?

I am just writing a post about there being 3 huge white pelicans swimming near the nest and I look up at the tv just after the loon has gotten off the nest and SEE ONLY ONE EGG!!! 

What happened?!?!

I went down to the lake with the binoculars.  Just then BOTH loons came flying toward the nest from out in the lake.  They landed nearby.

That is when I saw it.

A small dark spot in the water!  Could it be the egg FLOATING?!?!?

I could not think of going back out to the nest!  I did not want to go back out.  But if it was the egg, how could I not?!?!

I tried to make my way out as quietly and quickly as possible.

The loons watched!

They swam close to the nest.

But they did not seem excited.  They did not call.

When I got out there, sure enough!  It was the egg!!

I quickly scooped it up.  Now the loons both started diving!  

One swam underwater very close to my legs!  I feared a stab but he went by me.

I hurriedly went over to the nest and placed it by the other egg and backed away and started my retreat.

It was then that one of the loons did the penguin dance three times.

They are still near the nest.  Hopefully one will get back up soon!

But how much damage was done to the egg by being in the water?

It will be interesting to see how the egg ended up in the water if there is any video of it!  Did it get kicked out?  I have never seen that happen before, although I know it happens.

Drama!  Drama!  Drama!