Sunday, June 6, 2010 9:10pm

62 degrees   Partly Cloudy   Calm
I wish I could fully describe the scene right now!
The sun has just set thirteen minutes ago and the lower edge of every cloud is an amazing color of scarlet and magenta and purples.  And beams of gold flare up into the sky from below the horizon.  It is stunning and too much for words.
Some have been questioning why the loon is off the nest.  I have just come back when I read all the messages and questions so I went down to the lake to look.
I do not see the loons anywhere on the lake but that does not mean they are not there somewhere.
But then I hear 'flying tremolos' far off in the distance.  It sounds like there are two calls.
Apparently both loons are flying somewhere.  That is a behaviour that I have not seen in past years....for the loons to take off and fly so much when there are eggs on the nest.  I do not know the significance of it.  But it is different from what we have seen for so many previous years. 
It sounds like they are getting closer so they must be coming back to the lake.
And then there they are!  Both of them!  Two loons flying in over the trees.  They make a long sweeping curve, their wings extended and still, their feet trailing behind them and their heads held slightly below the level of their bodies.  A typical profile of a loon in flight.
Then in a long sliding controlled-crash landing the come to rest on the lake.
Where were they?  Why did they leave and fly?  Why did they leave the eggs unprotected for so long?  There is absolutely no obvious reason nor apparent threat why they would have left the nest or why they flew.  There are a couple boats and fishermen still on the lake.  But nothing close to the nest nor any other reason that I can see why they would be off the nest.
Once again, questions questions questions.