Friday, March 25, 2011 11:31am CDT


31 degrees   Sunny   Wind NE 3mph


The sky is a stunning deep blue.  The reflection off all the fresh white snow from our storm two days ago is almost blinding.


What a beautiful day.  But cold.


It is predicted to remain cold through the weekend.  As much as we want to see spring return, this cold weather will help those who will be affected by the flooding that is sure to hit many people.  It will slow down the melt and let some of the rivers go down a little before the next phase of the spring melt hits.


When the melt does come, it is sure to be fast at this time of year.


Last week I saw crocuses poking up through the ice and snow, their little yellow buds ready to burst into bloom.  Like the rest of us, it seems as if even the crocuses are anxious for spring to come after a long and hard winter.


They are still there someplace.  Under the foot of new snow that we got out of this storm.  Just waiting.


Ready to brighten our moods as the snow recedes, with the first blooms of spring.


It can't be far away now.


And our Sagatagan Lake loon #55480 is not far away either!


He is eager to get home, too!


He is now on Eagle Lake in Wisconsin just west of Racine and near the western shore of Lake Michigan.  He made stops on Weiss Lake, Alabama; Center Hill Lake, Tennessee; and Lemon Lake, Indiana before arriving in Wisconsin.  Soon the other loons will also be on the move.


Lakes here are still frozen solid up to shore.  So he cannot make it home yet.  But as soon as the ice goes out, he will try to move closer and closer until he is finally home.  


The same is probably true for "our loons" from the LoonCam.  We don't know where they are right now.  But you can be sure that they are feeling the same urges that #55480 is feeling.  The urge to fly north and once again build a nest and raise a new generation of loonlings.


The excitement builds.


It will not be long now!