Tuesday, May 31, 2011 12:16pm CDT


After a lot of activity with the loon raising its body over and over, she has now once again settled down quietly on the eggs.

Oh, if only we could see what is going on under there.

I assume that one of two things is happening since she is so quiet now.  Either the chick is taking a rest from trying to get out of the egg.  Or the chick has already hatched and is just laying under there all worn out and resting.  With no movement under her, there is no reason for her to continue to lift her body over and over.

But even as I type this, once again she is going into more and more body lifts.

It is almost tormenting to have to wait to see the chick that we have waited so many weeks for.

But wait we must.

The wait will be worth it.