May 8, 2011 6:21am CDT

49 degrees   Clear   Calm
On this beautiful Mother's Day morning, an expectant loon sits on the nest.
A huge red ball in the eastern sky.  Birds in full morning song.  A blue sky with a few white puffy marshmallow clouds.
The cool morning air of a Minnesota spring morning produces ever so faint wisps of fog which skid along the surface of the glassy water.  They will be here for just a short time.  As soon as the sun comes up above the trees, it will drive them away.
The loon is watchful.  Her head twists from side to side surveying everything that is going on around her.  Always watching and ready to respond to danger that may come from any direction at any minute.
This is the scene that will be the norm for the next 4 weeks.  The silhouette of a loon faithfully sitting on a nest on a northern lake.
With nicer weather finally here, it also means increased activity on lakes across the lakes in the northern US and on into Canada.  More boats.  More fishermen.  More activity in general.
It is a testament to how adaptive loons truly are.
Whereas the ideal for them probably would be a lake with no human activity, they are able and ready to adapt to lakes with a lot of human activity.  It just makes things harder for them at times.
So on this Mother's Day, our loon faithfully sits on two new eggs.
What is happening inside those eggs is something too wonderful to comprehend.
How actual life can spring from 'nothing'.
How in a few short weeks there can actually be little fluffy balls of black down that are able to move and live under their own power.  Sometimes the miracles are right around us and we miss seeing them in the busyness of our lives.
On this Mother's Day, take a moment to stop and look at the miracles all around you.  Think of your own mother.  Your kids.  Your family.  Your friends.
The miracle of life itself.
And be thankful for all that God has given you on this beautiful day.