Tuesday, June 14, 2011 7:27am CDT

60 degrees  Partly Cloudy  Wind 6mph SE
Four loons swim peacefully some distance out in the lake from the nest - two adults and two chicks.
They are doing well.
It is two weeks ago this afternoon that the first chick was hatched.
So much has happened since that time.  And the chicks have grown so much.  Their bodies have lengthened and their bills have begun to lengthen from the first time we saw them as little chicks just two weeks ago. The chicks bodies are close to half the length of the adult already.  They are beginning to look more like loons.
They still have the brownish down but now it is starting to look a little more tousled.  This picture is not of 'our' loons but is very much how they look this morning.
When they are feeding they still eagerly accept any and all food offered by their parents.  As the adults dive for more minnows, the chicks will put their heads partway under water and watch what is going on.  It is known as 'peering'.  It may very well be a critical part of their learning as they watch how their parents pursue and catch minnows and other small fish.
It won't be more than a few weeks before the chick will be expected to catch some of his own food.
But on this quiet morning, the loons are relaxing.  Just calmly swimming tightly next to each other.
Life is good.
I see some of you were able to see the fireworks on Sunday night.  That is where we were.  I love fireworks.  It was late when I got home from the fireworks.  As I read some of your comments, I just could not bring myself to shut down the camera.  I was going to leave it going and shut it down in the middle of the night.  But then I fell asleep.  When I woke up, it was already 4am and the first hints of dawn were appearing.
So then I could not shut it down and deprive you of the view of another dawn.  And hopefully one more view of the loons.  Unfortunately they stayed well away from the camera so you were not able to see them.  But I hope you enjoyed a little extra time with the view of the nest that our loons called home.
Pray for me.  This afternoon I am going skydiving!  I think I temporarily lost my mind when I agreed to do it!  There are thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon so that may save me!  But otherwise we will be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!
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