Friday, June 17, 2011 7:04am CDT


57 degrees   Foggy   Wind  3mph E


Fog shrouds the lake this morning.

From somewhere deep in the mist comes the call of a loon.

And then it is answered by another.

Our loons are out there someplace.

I did see them several times yesterday as they swam back and forth.

The chicks were active and looked healthy.  They continue to grow so fast.  They are becoming 'teenagers' and their down is starting to look a little more tousled.  Like a teenager with 'bedhead'!

Most of the time they accept the offer of a minnow from one of their parents.  But once in a while they will make a brief dive before coming popping back up to the surface.  It would be so interesting to see what they actually do while they are underwater.  Are they diving  just for fun?  Just to practice diving?  Or are they actually chasing fish?  And can they catch any fish yet on their own?

There are so many questions and so many things that are hidden from our eyes and are unknown.

But gradually we learn a little more here.  A little there.  And increase our knowledge and understanding of these wonderful iconic birds.

It is so fascinating to watch to watch the chicks when the family is just relaxing.

Once in a while they will do what is called a 'foot waggle'.  The adults do it as well.

The foot waggle is when a loon will roll over slightly on its side and wave one of its impossibly big feet in the air.

No one seems to have a satisfactory explanation for why they do this.  But it is a typical loon behaviour.  I don't think I have seen ducks or geese or other water birds do anything like it.  But it is common to see a loon do this.

One of the explanations that I have heard credible people give is that it is a way of cooling or warming their foot or body.

I have trouble believing that explanation.

If they are trying to cool their body, there is no better way that for them to leave their feet in the cool water.

If they are trying to warm their body, why to they do it on days that are distinctly cold?  It seems they could better warm their feet by pulling them in closer to their body than waving them around in the cold air.

So it is yet one more question about loons that is so sorely lacking for answers.

I want to express my thanks to so many of you who were concerned about my physical safety if I went skydiving.  And some who also expressed concern about my mental well-being that I would consider going skydiving!

Well, we went last night!

There were times leading up to it that I was questioning my own mental well-being!

But I have to tell you, it was awesome.  What a rush!

It is too long a story and too off topic to go into detail here, but it was an absolutely stunning experience.  It was a beautiful evening.  I am not sure if God meant for us to see His creation from that vantage point or not.  But it was a wonderful and unique perspective.

You may really question my mental well-being when I tell you that I am seriously considering going again.  I will let you know if and when I do.


Comments or Questions?  Or concerns about mental stability?!!