Thursday, June 2, 2011 6:31am CDT

57 degrees   Clear   Wind 5mph NE
On a clear, beautiful June summer morning, there is only one question on all of our minds.
How are the little loon chicks?
I am happy to tell you that both chicks look like they are strong, healthy and doing fine!
Right now they are swimming with both parents between the nest and the shore.  The parents are maybe 5 feet apart and the chicks are swimming back and forth from one parent to the other.  Very active and obviously very hungry.
A few minutes ago I watched as one of the chicks was riding on the parent's back.  The parent had its head partially underwater as it 'peered' to see what was under there and if there might be food.
Then the loon dove and the chick came popping up to the surface in a bounce just like a cork.
After a few seconds, the adult surfaced with what looked like a very tiny minnow in its beak.  A chick-sized minnow.  It held it out for the chick and the chick quickly swam over and gobbled it down.  Ahhhhhh!  Nothing like fresh minnow for breakfast on a beautiful Minnesota morning!
This will be a scene that is repeated hundreds of times over the next few weeks.  A virtual conveyer belt of food for the chicks.
Their appetite will be insatiable as they grow so quickly.
Right now they are still very vulnerable to so many dangers.  Boats, fish, turtles, eagles and many other things.
But in a couple weeks, they will have grown enough that their chances of survival increase dramatically.
The next couple weeks are a critical period in their survival.
But you will be happy to know that the second chick has survived his first night on the big scary lake.  And of course the first chick is already a pro at it and telling the second chick how brave he was on his first night when he jumped into the huge, crashing waves!
Can their be anything wrong with the world when you have two beautiful loons swimming on a Minnesota lake with two adorable little loon chicks?
May your day be loon perfect as well!
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