Tuesday, June 7, 2011 12:09pm CDT


93 degrees  Sunny  Wind 2mph  S


I was just down by the lake to see if I could spot our loons.  And I did.

Well, at least one of them.

That adult has both chicks swimming around it almost a quarter of the way around the lake.  The camera is pointed right at them but they are so far away that you can't see them.  That will be more and more common as the days go by.  They will swim further and further away from the nest.  So we may be down to our last few days of the webcam.

Once again it is hot and humid here today.

The dewpoint is 70 degrees which is like the humidities of the deep south or of the tropics.

But now the loons can be in the cool water instead of sitting on a nest exposed to the hot sun.

The other adult loon is off someplace.  Most likely on another part of the lake fishing.  That is the difficulty of observing loons.  They can spend a lot of time underwater and you can look right at the area they are and not see them because they are diving underwater.

Just know that the chicks are doing well.  Swimming around with one of the parents.


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