11:18pm Thursday, March 29, 2012

47 degrees F  Light Rain   Wind E3mph
Just wanted to give you a quick update.
The BroadbandMN people were not able to make it out today.
They are still working on the cam and the equipment necessary to bring the pictures to you.  They are hoping to be out tomorrow.  We will see how much we can get done before I have to leave for Wabasha.  I can't promise that everything will be ready before this weekend but I want you to know that we are working and trying our best to bring you the 2012 LoonCam before long.
I was here a good share of today and at least during the times I looked, I did not see any loons in the area or investigating the nest.  So I think we are still in good shape as far as time to get everything up and running.
From the time that a loon first checks out the nest, it usually takes a couple weeks before they get serious and lay an egg.
I got an email yesterday from Carol Jansky from St Johns University saying that "Big John", one of the loons that we implanted with a satellite transmitter in the summer of 2010, was back at Lake Sagatagan!  Earlier in the morning Kevin Kenow from the USGS had gotten a satellite signal that "Big John" was back on his home lake.
That transmitter is now almost 2 years old and is still transmitting and providing valuable data.  It has lasted much longer than anyone ever expected.  It also gives us confidence that the loons seem to tolerate the transmitters quite well.
Today Carol posted a response to my post from yesterday in which she said, "At St. John's, "Big John" and his mate were making the grand tour of the lake yesterday. We're not entirely sure when he arrived. Ice out was March 19 and some people heard loons as early as March 20 or 21. It was great to see him again."  Thank you, Carol!
If I get a chance, I will try to update you before I head down to the National Eagle Center.  I hope to see some of you there.
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