Sunday, May 27, 2012 7:27am CDT

The loon has finally returned to the nest after just over an hour off the nest.
There have been a LOT of wails as the loon sat just out of view near the nest for the last half hour.  Every part of me screamed get back on the nest.
There is a lot that took place during that hour off the nest.
The loon originally left to join its mate just out beyond the buoys.  They swam peacefully together for a few minutes.
Then there were flying tremolos as a third loon came flying it.  It is "Pencil Neck" (sorry for the unflattering name.  It is one of the few times that I give loons names but this one is distinguishable by its smaller size and long 'pencil neck').
Our pair swam out to meet him and the three of them swam together and circled with some splash diving.  But no major confrontation.
Then Pencil Neck took flight and circled around the lake.  Within a minute or two, both of our loons also took off.  They circled the lake 3 or 4 times with lots of flying tremolos before they landed near the nest.
While they were flying around the lake, there were two eagles circling just north of the lake.  But the eagles were not the reason for the loons flying nor was there any interaction between the loons and the eagles.
I am not sure where the other mate went but the one loon stayed just outside the buoys giving the wail call over and over.  
But finally the loon has now returned to the nest and the eggs.