Tuesday, May 29, 2012 12:36pm CDT


I just got off the phone again with BroadBand.

They are on their way out to see what they can do here.  They have tried other things but nothing has worked to bring the camera back up.

They are bringing parts and equipment with them and hoping that they can fix it on site rather than having to do more serious repair to the server.

They have a long drive to get here so it will still be several hours before they get here.  But hopefully they will be able to find and fix the problem and all of us will once again be able to enjoy the LoonCam and our beautiful loons.

The loon is still on the nest and apparently is doing well.

S/he just now completed another repositioning and an egg roll.

The nest is riding the waves well.   There are some whitecaps on the lake but they are not huge.  But if the anchor rope had not been lengthened, no doubt waves would be hitting the nest and continuing to erode nesting material.  But that should not be a major problem right now with the longer anchor rope.  Hindsight says that even as difficult as it was to do, it was the right decision.

Today feels downright cold compared to what it has been.  With the temperature at only 60 degrees and the wind coming off the lake, it feels much colder than that.  But perfect weather for the loons.

I will update you after BroadBand has been here and they know more about what the problem is.

Stay tuned.