Monday, May 7, 2012 4:59pm CDT

Are we getting close?
We could very well be!
The loons have been on the nest 10 times this afternoon.  And one of the loons is on the nest right now.
There have been times of almost frantic nest building.
The yellow pansy just ended up in the nest.  I think she pulled the whole plant out.  It had been surviving up until now but now it may be gone.
I am not sure if the clump of irises on the left are going to survive either.  First they excavated around the clump.  Then they pulled it out by the roots.  And they have been pulling every bit of mulch and dirt from between the roots.  And they have pulled the clump up to the left edge of the nest.  They continue to peck at it and pull at it.  What had been a substantial clump now appears to be quite light when they tug at it.
You can see how long the roots are and how deep they were.  But the loons have pulled them out completely.
So I think it is just a matter of time before the roots dry out and the plant dies.
I have never seen a pair of loons this intent on digging up everything in sight.  So you learn something new every year.
But with all the activity this afternoon we are either getting very close to the laying of the first egg - or they are getting as frustrated as we are waiting!
Keep an eye on them.
I cannot be home tonight so I might miss the actual laying if it happens tonight.
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