Tuesday, June 12, 2012 6:38pm CDT


69 degrees     Sunny    Calm

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Hello everyone!  Sorry for no update until now.

Things were worse than I thought when I got home last night!

Apparently the storm on Sunday night fried a lot of things.

Not only was the cam down, I had no phone service and no internet service ... so I could not update you on what was going on.  And for that I apologize.

In one of my last blogs, I had mentioned that my blogs would become less frequent but that we would at least give you a couple days notice before we shut the cam down.  Little did I know how quickly they would become 'less frequent' or that the cam would go down on Mother Nature's timetable.

She seems to be calling the shots this year.

I was only home for a couple hours before I had to leave for a meeting last night.  But fortunately Comcast verified the problems and set up an emergency appointment for a technician to come out today.  So I finally at least have internet service to be able to update you.

But it looks like the server for the LoonCam may be fried as well and I am having problems with my computer but finally able to function a little bit.

When I talked to BroadBand last night, most of their techs were commited or out of town but they were going to try to get out today if at all possible.  Apparently it was not possible so hopefully tomorrow.  If it is wthe server that is fried totally that will raise a lot of other questions.  Suxh as qhether it is worthwhile trying to get the cam going for this year or if we just shut it down for the year.  Because you do not just that kind of server off the shelf and it would be a few days.

So we will have to take it a day at a time.

But you aren't really interested in all that.

You are interested in only one thing - the loon chick!

In the couple hours I was home last night, I did not see the chick!  Even though I saw both adults.  That caused me concern of whether he had survived the storm.  I could not see if he was on the nest or not.

So I went to the meeting last night with a lot of questions and concerns in my mind.

This morning, once again I saw both adults.  But not the chick.  So my concern grew.

But finally about mid-morning I saw the chick swimming with the parents/.

He looks like he is doing well.  Healthy and active.  And growing.

His black down has gotten lighter and lighter and is now a gray tan.

I did see him come back to the nest at least once today so apparently that bond with the nest has not been broken yet.

I will try to update you when I know more of what the outlook is for the cam coming back online.

But the good news is that the chick is alive, healthy, doing well and active.  He survived his first big storm.


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