Sunday, June 3, 2012 6:09am CDT


48 degrees CDT     Sunny     Calm


Interesting goings on  with the loons.

Not only has there been movements by the loon on the nest like there was something happening in the eggs underneath it.

There has been a third loon in the area which caused the loon on the nest to go into deep hangover as the mate swam out to confront it.  Then things calmed down for a bit.

But at 5:56am the loon on the nest left in a shot from the back side of the nest.  This sudden exit was followed by yodels and splashing.

Here is what happened.

There is a loon that had come very close to the nest and the loon on the nest, obviously the male because of his yodels, thought it was very urgent that he chase that loon away.  So both loons went on a flapping/rowing chase away from the nest.

At 6:09am, right now, the loon has just gotten back up on the nest, rolled the eggs and settled down.

While he was off the nest, I looked carefully at the exposed eggs to see if I could see a pip.  I could not.

But I keep hearing a small bird sound that sounds very much like a loon chick.  Is it my imagination?  Or are we actually hearing one of the chicks in the egg?  Once again it is so hard to keep 'hopes' from running away with reality.  But the sound is not the typical sound of some of the other morning bird songs.

There was even a purple martin that landed on the nest while the loon was gone and also a redwing blackbird.  The redwing blackbird went into full display of his red epaulets as he chased the martin off the nest - he acted as if he was the owner of this nest with these big eggs!

So what have we got?  No obvious visible pip.  But movements this morning by the loon on the nest consistent with either pipping or movements in the egg.   And sounds like a loon chick that could also be another bird's calls.  But maybe not.

So many questions with no clear cut answers.

Only time will tell what we are really seeing and hearing and what is happening.

So on a beautiful Minnesota Day, we watch and wait.

Wait for the miracles of life.


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