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[Once again I apologize for the long time since I gave you an update.  In addition to being out of town on a couple trips, when I came home last week, my computer had decided to go to that Great Computer Hunting Ground In The Sky!  I am at a library right now so this will be a very short update.  Hopefully I can give you more later.]

I will try soon to give you another installment in the report about our time banding the loons.  Although it is becoming ancient history.

When I returned home last week, several neighbors asked me if I had seen our chick lately.  Obviously having been out of town, I had not seen the chick.

Several of them said that they had been watching and that they had not seen the chick for a week or more.

The latest report of a sighting of the chick that I have been able to get from anyone is that one of the neighbors said they saw the chick with one of the parents one week ago Saturday night.

I have watched and I have not seen the  chick in the last few days since I have been home.

I have some concern at this point but I am not ready to say that something has happened to our chick.  We will just have to keep watching and hoping that he is ok and that someone will spot him soon.  This chick has been so  independent that anything is possible or believable.

A few days ago, I saw two loons out in front of my place.  I was glad to see them.  I was sure it must be the chick and one of the adults.

However, when I got the telescope out and looked at them, it turned out to be the two adults.  As hard and as hopefully as I looked, I did not see the chick anywhere in the area with the adults.

I wish I had better and more positive news for you.  All I can tell you is what I have seen - or not seen.

One of the neighbors said he felt that the chick had maybe been hit by a boat.  But there have been no reports of the chick washing up on shore.  The other possibility is that an eagle may have taken him.  That is a very real possibility if he is gone.  Even though he was getting large, an eagle would be fully capable of taking him.

Nature can be very unforgiving.

So let us hope that neither boats nor eagles nor dark of night have taken our spunky chick from us.

I will let you know if I find out anything definitively either way.  In the meantime, we can only hope that our chick is somewhere and still doing well. 


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